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Build Your Own Fantasy World

What kind of magical world do you long for?

Wands and Wizards, Dragons and Beasts, Sorcerers and Knights?

There are so many magical possibilities, it was hard to narrow down the question to a poll-able size. Even I’m not really sure which one I would dive into if I had to choose.

Do I want to tap the bricks and stroll down Diagon Alley? I love Harry Potter, and the chance to go to Ollivanders and be chosen by a wand, and ride a broomstick, and visit Hogwarts… it would be so hard to resist!

But the chance to ride a dragon like Eragon? To meet Aslan and Mr. Tumnus? I might have to walk through the wardrobe instead!

But Gandalf! I want to meet Gandalf! I could skip the whole ring destruction thing, but the rest of the world sounds great.

The general consensus:

It’s wands and wizards for the win! I’m not surprised, though I am glad it was such a tight race. With Harry Potter so embedded in the hearts of readers, it’s hard for any other series or fantasy world to stand a chance. The world that Rowling built draws you in and gives you the feeling that you really could be a wizard if only an owl had come for you.

Do you agree with the Tweople? Would you have picked a different option or an unlisted choice? Comment below or give me a shout on Twitter.

The next poll: Who would you want as a mentor: Dr. Who, Dumbledore, or Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock? Click here to vote in the Twitter poll!

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