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With a Little Help...

Being an author means constantly learning. Not just about character development, the latest tropes that have been banished, and if dashes or ellipses are more acceptable this week. There’s also the entire marketing side of being an author, which is way more overwhelming than it looks like it should be from the outside.

I’m going to be real for a moment. I’m not tech savvy. My husband maintains this site, posts the blogs… everything. I create the content. I have no idea how he lines up all the pretty pictures. I just don’t get it.

I started my author mailing list with Mail Chimp. Author friends recommended I use the service, so I asked my husband to set everything up. The mailing was going great, but my subscription numbers grew until the price point of Mail Chimp became a bit hard to swallow.

So I started looking into switching services, which led down a rabbit hole that ended with the fact that I need to welcome new subscribers to my mailing list differently.

Now my poor husband has two days to switch over all of my information to Mailer Lite, linking up all my subscription bases and creating a series of emails to welcome people. There are color codes and logos and files sizes and all kinds of things involved, and the dear sweet man is just glaring at his computer getting it done.

And now I’m going to email over this blog, and he’ll take the time out to get it scheduled to go up on my website.

Being an author often feels like you’re working in a vacuum, but the truth is I wouldn’t be able to do any of it without a huge network of support. And my sweet husband is the first responder for all of it.

So cheers to marriage. And learning as I go through this crazy author labyrinth.

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