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The New "New Year" Plan

2019 has already been a crazy ride.

The short story: I am no longer working with either of my publishers. But that’s okay.

I will rise like a phoenix from a dumpster fire, spreading my wing and soaring far from the piles of flaming trash.

What this means in the short run is that all of my books are being pulled from sales. It’s a hard thing to watch happen, but really, it’s for the best. Because now that I have the rights to my work again, I can release all of it. Rerelease the books that have been out before and release the books in the series that have been waiting for their chance to shine.

In 2019 I will be (re)releasing thirteen projects and adding some awesome extras to the mix. This may sound insane—it probably is—but my goal as an author has always been to entertain. To give my readers worlds in which they want to immerse themselves.

Between February and the end of May, all four books in the Girl of Glass series will be released. Readers won’t have to wait a year between books. They can binge them all at once! And we all know how much I love a book binge.

I’ll be keeping you all updated on the release dates of each project through my newsletter, or if you want to be super sure you don’t miss any of the action, follow me on Amazon, then you’ll get an email notification direct from Amazon every time a new book comes out.

This isn’t going to be the year I had planned. Releasing thirteen books in one year was never a goal.

But this is where life has led me. I am going to publish a mountain of books. All I have to do is keep climbing.

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