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Escape Into Adventure

This week’s author/entrepreneur story is all about stories. And I don’t mean the kind that will be in the massive amount of books I’m going to be releasing this year.

Basically, when my books were all contracted to various publishing housing, I wasn’t left with a ton of choices about who I, as an author, wanted to be or how I wanted my books to be presented. With a traditional publishing contract, they make the packaging decisions, you just try your best to hold readers’ interests in the year between releases. In shedding the contract shackles, I’ve also come into a lot of power.

I have control over my release dates, my covers, how I handle marketing, and networking with my lovely readers! It’s amazing to feel in control of my own destiny as an author. Of course, with great power comes great responsibility. I’m not only in control of my books, I am now also solely responsible for the experience my readers have with my books.

Terrifying, I know.

Since I’m pulling on my big girl publishing pants, I’ve decided it’s time to look at what my readers want, need, and expect from me and how I can deliver them the best possible reading experience.

There’s a lot of levels to this. Like what formats and platforms I want my series to be available on, but boiling the whole business plan down to its core, I want to write books about adventurous worlds that help my readers escape reality.

Sounds simple when you put it like that, right?

Really, it’s what I’ve been doing all along. But it’s time to distill the noise and focus on the pinpoint that binds all of my books together.

Are you ready to escape into adventure?


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