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Preorder Excitement

Things are starting to move very quickly for the Girl of Glass series.

The Boy of Blood book cover is ready, and I am in love!

Boy of Blood

And Girl of Glass is up on Amazon for pre-order, which is super cool. I am very lucky to have a tech savvy husband. Between him and a wonderful formatting program called Vellum, the uploading process was incredibly smooth.

And the best part? I haven’t shared the link, but I can see on my cool little author dashboard that people have found and preordered Girl of Glass. How amazing is that?

I haven’t been posting the link because my intention is to offer Girl of Glass free, and because of Amazon’s rules, the lowest I can currently price the book is $0.99. Not a huge difference, but in case there’s a problem with getting the price set to zero, I don’t want to make readers mad by having them pay and then switching the book to free the following week.

Don’t worry, (I think) the link should be ready to share very soon!

If you’re looking for some reading material in the meantime, check out this awesome giveaway.

Daring Damsels & Warrior Women

And get excited for Girl of Glass. The rerelease is just around the corner!

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