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The Fantasy of Reality

Welcome, beautiful reader! I hope you enjoyed your time delving through the dark with your previous blog hop post by Kayla Matt. Now into the light for a bit (with a brief foray back into the shadows.)

One of my favorite things about writing Urban Fantasy is bringing elements of the fantastic into places I love. I get to pick a place where I want the magic to happen—I can loosely base my book’s setting on a real place or take my characters to the actual sidewalks I’ve traveled—and from there I can create the sort of mayhem the real world just wouldn’t stand for.

In my newest book (set for release on Tuesday!) How I Magically Messed Up My Life in Four Freakin’ Days, the action takes place in and under Manhattan. The places my characters visit, from Central Park to nasty subway stations, are all places I spent plenty of time (whether by choice or not) when I lived in New York City.

But, and this is the awesome part, I got to add magic to Manhattan. The rumors of mole people living under the subway tunnels? Totally true, as long as you’re willing to count secret wizard settlements. Those creepy shadows lurking in alleys? Shadow monsters waiting to strike. At least in my version of Manhattan.

Integrating Fantasy into modern society is a freeing way to create a whole new, wonderfully familiar world.

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What are your favorite example of magic taking over reality?

Diagon Alley hiding in London?

Greek Gods taking over the Empire State building?

Let me know on Twitter!

Have a place you just know hides some amazing magic?

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