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For Audiobook Lovers

For the Audiobook Lovers

Do you love audiobooks? Are you a fan of the Girl of Glass series?

I have ten audiobook codes available for Death of Day. The book can be downloaded through the very cool (and FREE) Authors Direct audio app.

Why am I giving away ten audiobooks?

Because just like with regular books, audiobooks depend on reviews to find an audience. So, I am looking for ten people who would like to listen to Death of Day and leave an honest review.

As an author, one of my least favorite, and yet somehow unending, tasks is finding reviewers for my books. It’s such a huge problem in the author world that a book review industry exists. That’s right. There are people who arrange book reviews for a living. And I’m not talking about getting reviewed in the New York Times. There are people who pay their bills specifically by tracking down readers to review books. It’s like…a real thing.

And getting audiobook reviews takes finding an even tinier niche of potential reviewers.

So, if you’d like a code for your free review audiobook of Death of Day, email me at, and I’ll send you a code.


And I would like to humbly submit an idea for your consideration. The next time you’re bored and scrolling endlessly through social media, trying to ignore the fact that your train is twenty minutes late, or waiting in the doctor’s office, consider popping onto Amazon (or wherever you get your books) and leaving a review for a book you’ve enjoyed.

Reviews make such a massive impact on the life of a book. You can help a fellow reader discover their new favorite series, boost an author’s day, and maybe even ensure that your favorite characters will be written into a new tale.

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