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Mastering the Blurb

As a writer, it so often feels like the success of a day depends on your word count. It takes a lot of time at a keyboard to produce a book, so getting those 3,000 words a day out is an absolute necessity.

But then…then comes the terrible time when you have to write a blurb for your book. For those of you who have never been tortured by having to write a blurb, that just means the back cover text of a book…which you have to sell your soul to get right.

Where 3,000 words once seemed like a breeze, this 200-300 word beast will now slaughter all your ambitions.

In a blurb, you not only have to convince a reader to buy your book. You also have to convince the right kind of reader to buy your book. The kind of reader who will leave you glowing reviews and buy the sequel.

And failure is terrifying. Not only will you be wasting your ad money―your book will never sell if your blurb is bad. Your cat will go hungry. YOU will go hungry. Your survival depends on getting these 300 words right.

Blurb writing is more stressful than wedding planning, worse than going through customs with a hangover, more perilous than buying a prom dress off eBay.

This time, however (twenty-some times in if you care to count the number of nervous breakdowns I’ve had over blurb writing, but whatever), I found an awesome resource.

(I'd like to note here that we do take part in affiliate programs such as Amazon Affiliates that help us keep this website running. We will never endorse something in which we do not believe. Clicking on the links in this blog may lead to, at no cost to you, our receiving a small compensation, which as I said, helps us keep this website running.)

How to Write a Sizzling Synopsis is amazing. Blurb writing is still a monumental amount of work, but now it’s all broken down into reasonably sized portions that don’t make me want to quit the book business.

I don’t want to rave about how this book turned blurb writing from absolute worst task to something completely doable, but, if you’re struggling with your blurbs, just buy the book. You’ll be grateful.

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