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Cover Reveal for Guilds of Ilbrea, Book Two!

I'm thrilled to announce that book two in the Guilds of Ilbrea series is now available for preorder. 

Myth and Storm, Book Two in Guilds of Ilbrea

A failed rebellion will cost more than blood.

Ice, storms, sorcery, and pain separate the Karrons from those they hold most dear. With his family scattered across the farthest reaches of Ilbrea, Adrial stands alone in a capital on the brink of flames, facing the dark truth of the Guilds he cherished.

Murder disguised as law. Assassins veiled by beauty. Innocents sacrificed to vile pride. A deadly plot to twist the fate of a kingdom.

With each discovery, the danger grows. Enemies lurk in the shadows, and the call for freedom will not be silenced. The future of his Guild hangs in the balance, and Adrial must choose between saving the one he loves and protecting the world he’s known.

Writing a book in the Guilds of Ilbrea series requires a pretty serious deep dive into timelines, maps, and cutting everything down so there is nothing unnecessary in the final manuscript. 

So, I will be releasing at least four other books before Myth and Storm is ready for release, but rest assured, the drafting is already well underway. 

Haven't read Inker and Crown yet? Find your copy here!


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