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Eaten by the Void

Eaten by the Void

Here's a cute little story to make you curl up and cry with a glass of wine. 🍷😭

I have a project that my agent will be sending out for submission. Right now, I'm working my way through some of my agent's notes, and one of the changes is finding a new title. 

Finding titles is quite possibly the most stressful part of writing for me. That's the name the story will be known by forever and ever. 

A title affects the reader's perception of the story, the book's searchability on retail sites, how likely people are to open emails with the title in the subject line...

That's a ton of pressure!

I have sheets of possible titles and keywords. I went through the top sellers in the genre, looking for any naming conventions that assist in success. 

This is why my kittens Meeny and Mo kept the names given to them at the shelter. I couldn't deal with the pressure of altering the course of those poor cats' lives by risking giving them terrible names.

The Kitties!

Fast forward to me waking up in the morning. I'm standing by the sink, brushing my teeth, and I come up with the perfect title. 

I go downstairs to get my coffee and a piece of paper to write the brilliant title down, and it's gone. There is a void in my brain where that stroke of genius used to be. 

I can't get the title back. At this point, I might as well name the book The Void of My Brain, because that's all I've got. 

There's nothing to do but facepalm and laugh...and be grateful to whatever genius invented wine.


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