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Get Your Free Copy of the Girl of Glass Audiobook!

I have a very exciting and time sensitive announcement!

For today (October 8th) only, there is a massive discount on the Girl of Glass audiobook.

Now, because it is an audiobook (and retailers are weird about pricing and won't let me do everything so it's the same across all platforms) the available discounts are as follows:

50¢ on Nook AudioBooks

Free on Kobo audiobooks

Free on GooglePlay

Free on eStories

As always with Audible and Amazon...I can't control the price at all. So there is no discount, unfortunately.

Book two in the Girl of Glass series, Boy of Blood, is already available in audio with book three ready to hit the audio stores before the end of the month.

As always, if you're a library person, feel free to ask your local librarian to help you check out a digital copy of any of my audiobooks.

Happy listening!


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