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Lanni's Adventures Continue!

It's book release day for Soul of Glass!

Soul of Glass, Heart of Smoke Book Two

Safety demands sacrifice.

Torn from the only life she’s ever known and thrown into paradise, Lanni has fulfilled the plan of the father she’s never met. No more danger. No more blood. All she has to do is live as a normal teenage girl, protected from the end of the world by the might of the Incorporation.

But the shadows that stalk her have found their way inside the glass.

Assassinations and sabotage have shattered the peace of the domes, threatening the life Lanni swore to defend. As suspicion drives powerful forces closer to the truth of Lanni’s birth, precarious lies are all that stand between her and death.

Haunted b y her past and hunted by unknown traitors, Lanni must choose between trusting an enemy she’s sworn to destroy or a monster who’s scented her blood.


Diving further into the world of the domes has been such an enjoyable challenge. I'm so excited to share the secrets of the Incorporation with readers.

I won't say anything else because...spoilers.

*Please imagine an excited squeeing as I fade into the distance*

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