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Meet Jerek Holden from The Cursebound Thief

You were born into a world of magic, but suddenly it all disappeared.

Every magician in the world lost their powers in one terrible moment.

What would you do to get your magic back?

How much would you sacrifice to make things right?

How close to darkness would you be willing to stray?

Those were the questions I had to answer when building the character of Jerek Holden in The Cursebound Thief.

Jerek Holden

At seventeen, he's already lost his family and his magic, but those tragedies have given him a purpose. He's strong, intelligent, determined to a fault, and happens to have enough money to make big things happen.

Though most of his power vanished when magic shattered, he's maintained the ability to change the superficial appearance of things like the paint color on cars and…ahem *dates on IDs* ahem.

His friendships, though far from warm and fuzzy, keep him human enough to stay on the heroic side of thievery.

Jerek is the first piece of the crew necessary to pull off the heist of the century.

What about the hacker who dives deep into the dark web to protect the people she loves?

Keep an eye out for the next sneak peek at the characters in The Cursebound Thief.


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