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Aiming the Arrow

I don’t know what I was thinking with this one.

I love Hunger Games. Katniss Everdeen is a kick butt girl and I admire her, so I think I should have just accepted that everyone would choose a bow and arrow and move on with my time.

But is that really the best weapon choice for survival? I mean, for Katniss for sure, but if you haven’t spent your youth in the woods hunting with a bow, you’re not going to get very far.

Speaking as one with a small amount of experience, hitting targets with a bow, let alone moving targets, is not as easy as you might think!

A sword still isn’t going to get you too far, I suppose. You can slash at things, and you’ll have a bit more control over actually hitting your target. You also won’t be working with a limited number of arrows, so I say unless you have Katniss level of arrow shooting experience, a sword is going to be a better bet.

A spear has a few different uses. You could use it as a walking stick (pointy side up, of course), a bow staff, a jabby stick for fishing. There are a lot of possibilities. If you’re fighting on your own though, I feel like you’d die pretty quickly with only a spear.

I personally would go with the rope. I could make a trap. Strangle someone. Tie myself to a tree to sleep at night. Tame a crazy wild dog and walk him on a leash. So many rope possibilities!

But Katniss is awesome, and Katniss had a bow. So when the world crumbles to chaos and I’m running toward a cornucopia of weapons, I know what weapons stash everyone else will be running toward.

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