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The Shadows Come at Second Bells

I am thrilled to present the newest free short story available for download: Song of Nighttide.

Song of Nighttide

Nighttide has come and with it demons who prowl the darkened streets, killing those who stray from safety.

Prace makes her living singing for coins, carrying every copper home to support the other abandoned children who have become her family. Her plans for simple survival shatter as the city calls upon her for salvation. Will the demons of Nigghtide allow Prace to live until the First Dawn?

After Nghttide ends, dive further into Prace's world with sheet music from the story--available for free download here!

I'm a huge music lover and, as a performer, spend a ton of my time immersed in songs. Bringing a musical extra to Song of Nigttide was super fun for me, and I hope the musically inclined will enjoy diving a little further into Prace's world.

Not a music person but still want to hear the song? Watch the video of my husband, the composer, singing "I'm Yours Till I Die," the first of three songs to be released for Song of Nighttide.

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